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Experienced ESL Teacher with a Modern, Personalized Approach

Hello! I'm Steve, an ESL teacher with over 30 years of rich experience, based in Spain but teaching students globally online. My teaching style is a harmonious blend of tried-and-true methods honed over decades and the smart integration of AI and digital tools to enhance the learning experience.

What I Offer:

  • Deep Experience: With 30+ years in ESL, I bring a wealth of knowledge, having adapted to various educational environments and student needs.
  • Personalized Teaching: I believe in a student-centered approach, crafting lessons that resonate with individual learning styles, using both my own extensive library of materials and new, AI-generated content.
  • Tech-Savvy Enhancement: While my teaching is rooted in traditional excellence, I embrace AI and digital tools for supplementary support—enhancing lesson interactivity, providing diverse material, and offering precise language analysis.
  • Dynamic Material Creation: Passionate about creating engaging learning materials, I combine my vast collection of self-produced content with fresh, tech-enhanced resources.
Join me for a learning experience where expertise meets modern innovation, tailored precisely to your language learning goals!