As a teacher, I believe in making my classes a friendly and engaging experience. I want you to look forward to each new class 😊

Classes operate via webcam or audio only

I currently use Skype, Whereby, Zoom and MS Teams.

All classes are focused on the learner, so always be prepared to speak 😊

I offer a variety of different  packages for adult professionals:

  • English course classes (most popular)
  • Conversation fluency sessions
  • A special Interview practice pack

ALL classes run for 45 minutes.

English course classes are material-based classes aimed at developing all the skills areas in English. You will improve grammar, correct bad habits, expand your vocabulary, increase speaking fluency and confidence, and continuously grow your English knowledge and level. 

Material is adapted for each persons’ needs and is orientated towards professional settings.

Class activities will be sent via email prior to the start of class.

After each class you will immediately be able  to put into practice what you learn and enjoy a positive sense of progress from the very first class.

Conversation fluency sessions are targeted to English users with an intermediate and above level.

The overall emphasis of these classes is speaking fluency to build confidence, correct mistakes and break bad habits.

Discussion topics will vary from person to person.

These classes can also be used by the learner to practice presentations they need to give in English.

The Special interview practice pack is a set of 5 classes dealing with a full range of interview questions available without the need to sign up for the English course classes or Conversation fluency sessions.

We will practice fluency of answers and look at better alternatives when answering questions to prepare you as much as possible for interview success in English.

During all classes I take notes of mistakes and new vocabulary / expressions as well as any pronunciation issues. This information is later sent to the student to review and any doubts can be resolved at the beginning of the next session.

Drop me an email for more information, price plans and availability.

I am also developing a series of self-study courses covering specific areas such as "improving your written English". You'll find more information and updates in the mini course section.

And for additional free material, join other learners in 75 countries worldwide and access my audio lessons on my PodcastAnd why not subscribe to my YouTube channel too.